Our Mission

Our Mission

Chinese markets are rapidly becoming more dynamic and sophisticated. In the Asia-Pacific region, there are numerous opportunities for quantum growth in China.

Customer expectations have evolved alongside changes in Chinese markets and investors today need an asset manager who can provide thorough risk analysis and tailored solutions. For our investors, HUAN pursues the most exciting long-term opportunities providing exposure to these markets that overseas investors might otherwise overlook.

As an investor, you need local knowledge and insights to be able to navigate this huge wealth of opportunity and risk. Effective investment management has become more difficult for institutional investors in China, who have seen AuM sector-wide explode over the last decade. Over the past decade, institutional assets leaped 500% from USD1.1tr to USD7.1tr.

There has been a marked change in perceptions of the investment industry, as a result of the introduction of wealth management products, insurance management products, and money-market products. At HUAN, we relentlessly pursue generating alpha opportunities in China and throughout Asia for our clients, through proprietary research and analysis.