Our Mission

At HUAN, we pursue visionary ideas through unparalleled, deep-dive research into Mainland Chinese and Asian markets. Chinese markets are quickly evolving and there are more opportunities than ever for quantum growth. As an investor in China, you need an asset manager who can identify these local opportunities, while providing thorough risk analysis.

Our Strategies

Our investment team is organised to satisfy client demand. HUAN Group has 14 investment teams, managing over 20 distinct strategies, under the oversight of our CIO and Investment and Research Management Committee. The diversity of our strategies reflects the sheer number of opportunities available to investors in China. With specialists in asset classes ranging from equity and credit markets, to real estate and private equity, HUAN’s strategies provide clients with the ingredients to provide investment solutions through construction of tailored portfolios.

Our Philosophy

As a firm, we have grown alongside Chinese markets. We believe that we are now entering the ‘Golden Age’ of the asset manager in China. Financial markets have grown away from a pure stock exchange in the 1990s to include secondary equity markets, private equity opportunities and real estate. To capture these complexities and anticipate the next opportunity, we harness the capabilities of big data and qualitative strategic analysis.